The Slovenian Rose Society

The Slovenian Rose Society is a voluntary, independent and non-profit association of modern, old and botanical roses lovers that was founded as a result of the members’ desire to develop the general culture and awareness of roses and related activities in Slovenia and in the surrounding area. The objectives of … Preberite več

Roses Abroad: Rose Gardens in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country with a very specific climatic diversity — this offers a possibility of naturally forming various different micro-locations. These have impact on rose gardens that can be roughly divided in two groups: Sub-Mediterranean rose gardens and Continental rose gardens. Some of the more continental rose gardens that … Preberite več

Roses Abroad: Roses in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small Central European country, lying between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It extends on an area of only 13,000 mi2 and some more than 2 million inhabitants. Slovenia lies in the top corner of the Adriatic Sea and has only 30 miles of sea coast but, on … Preberite več