Roses Abroad: Roses in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small Central European country, lying between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It extends on an area of only 13,000 mi2 and some more than 2 million inhabitants. Slovenia lies in the top corner of the Adriatic Sea and has only 30 miles of sea coast but, on one hand, still could be considered a Mediterranean country. On the other hand Slovenia could also be classified as an Alpine country: according to its position under the Julian Alps with the high mountains (the highest is Triglav with 2864 m). Despite its compact size, Slovenia is an extremely diverse, colorful and heterogeneous country. This is also connected with the climate in this area: it goes from the mild sub-Mediterranean in the south-west towards more continental in the north-east.MarApr14_RosesAbroad (1)



Rubins Leonard

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