The Slovenian Rose Society

logo-webThe Slovenian Rose Society is a voluntary, independent and non-profit association of modern, old and botanical roses lovers that was founded as a result of the members’ desire to develop the general culture and awareness of roses and related activities in Slovenia and in the surrounding area.

The objectives of the association include protection of natural and cultural heritage, professional training and education, support for those planning horticultural activities, preparation of layouts as well as promotion and technical assistance in planning flowerbeds and rose gardens.The membership is open to anybody and the conditions are equal for all members. The Rights and Duties are further defined in the statute. Within the association the members may form groups based on their particular interests.

The administrative bodies of the association are the following: the General Assembly, the Management Committee, the Monitoring Committee, and the Ethics Commission.

The highest authority is the General Assembly, it adopts the statute and other rules of the Association, elects and dismiss the president and other committee members, decides about the membership fees etc.The association obtains funds for its operation with membership fees, donations and contributions, public funds and other sources.

The work of the association is public and it is the duty of the association to inform its members and the interested public about it.

The statute of the association is always available at the headquarters of the association:

Slovenian Rose Society (Društvo ljubiteljev vrtnic Slovenije),  Botanični vrt Ljubljana, Ižanska cesta 15, Ljubljana

The single membership fee is €20, the family fee is €30.

rosaglaucaAbout the logo of the association

The association’s logo is a rendition of our Red Leaf Rose (Rosa glauca), a well-known variety admired worldwide as it is excellent for parks. It was chosen because it is simply “our” rose.    

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